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Stop, You Have Run Enough!

Melting over the horizon,

Pale, yet radiant.

What do I see,

Is it the Earth or the Heaven!?

Waves comfort,

Over our sandy feet.

Passing the energy of a thousand droplets,

To me, to you, to us!

Trees of palm filter the sun,

Beautiful patterns on your face…

This is your paradise,

You deserve it.

Soft blankets of the seven skies,

Come together, to embrace you.

Stop, don’t run, this is it,

You have run enough,

Thought enough,

Cried enough…

Now rest! Sleep, and be lost.

Do you hear it, ‘cause I do,

The beautiful violin…

~ Arnav Gupta


Published by BookWorm

I am a 15-year-old bookworm. Reading is the fuel that I need to survive! It gives me a greater sense of the big world around me from my cosy couch. I have made reading my best companion and a teacher. The happiness reading brings me is immense. I read books of all genres, and here is the take on the books from a book worm's view!

41 thoughts on “Stop, You Have Run Enough!

    1. Thank you so much Khushi 😀 I appreciate your comment! Though your poetry skills are far too ahead of me, haha!
      I had earlier subscribed to your blog, but I wasn’t getting any notifications, so I re-subscribed.


  1. Another masterpiece, my friend. Absolutely Wonderful poem! “Soft blankets of the seven skies, Come together, to embrace you.” What an imagery! Simply splendid. “You have run enough” is a relevant line to say to all of us at some point and particularly applies to students. Students have to ran a lot behind abstract constructions (NUMBERS) to be at the top of their game. It’s a race. And unnecessarily so.
    PS: Sorry for the late comment, was on a blogging break. Will catch up with all your posts now 💪

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  2. What lovely colors. Indeed, makes one wonder if it’s earth or heaven.
    And the advise to cease running. Yup. Slow down, everyone. How else are we to appreciate what’s in front of us. So lovely. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.


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