Happy New Year!

HAPPY – What does happiness mean to you? Being happy is a sublime, peaceful state of the mind, that can be brought about by just anything! Friends, family and food. When you are happy and content, you aren’t just doing a favour to yourself, but also to those around you. If you haven’t cracked a lot of those smiles the previous year then,

NEW – Crack them now! The word ‘new’ doesn’t mean that suddenly all our worries will vanish and we will be living the easy life! It is but a new beginning, a chance. The word ‘new’ resonates with the hope that everything will be alright. 

YEAR – Seconds make minutes that weave hours which come together to make a day. In this sense, a year is nothing but a group of days. But that’s not right!

It is what you have felt, done and been in those days. Today, when we are at the very start of a new year, we take a dip, reflecting on our past 365 days. 

All these words are interrelated, without newness, you can’t be happy. Without a new year, this newness can’t be brought about!

With new viruses popping about every day, you never know what’s waiting at the next turn. 

Live this year to the fullest! Happy New Year to all of you! I completed one year of blogging the previous year, which wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

~ Arnav

Published by BookWorm

I am a 15-year-old bookworm. Reading is the fuel that I need to survive! It gives me a greater sense of the big world around me from my cosy couch. I have made reading my best companion and a teacher. The happiness reading brings me is immense. I read books of all genres, and here is the take on the books from a book worm's view!

27 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year, Arnav. As Yoda says, “Do or Do not; there is no try.” So Do smile often (at least you will make others wonder what you are up to.). Congratulations on your first year of successful bloggihng.

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