Is Ignorance Bliss?

A few months back, I saw two stray kittens playing in my society complex. They were carefree, and weren’t afraid of anyone, or anything! Of course, their feline instincts didn’t allow me to cuddle them, but I could see the light dancing in their innocent eyes, and I felt mesmerized. 

I continued to see them for a few days, but after that, they just disappeared, vanished into thin air!

But, just today, I saw them sitting under a car. I couldn’t believe what stared back at me. Mistrust, and hatred. They had grown up to be fat, and there wasn’t the playfulness in their eyes anymore.

I had witnessed something which I had believed to be untrue: Life Makes One Tough.

For once I realized that ignorance is indeed bliss. In this cruel world if you can be yourself, be carefree, then what’s the harm in it?

After all, we are here to live, and not just survive like those poor cats! 

When we could have enjoyed life as it truly was, we decided to create, ‘competition’ and the ‘survival of the fittest. Couldn’t life be a gentle dream!?

I may sound pessimistic, but what I saw in those eyes today really affected me.

“You can be a rose, in this world of thorns,

But then, you shall be the first one to get plucked”

~ Arnav gupta

~ Arnav Gupta

Published by BookWorm

I am a 15-year-old bookworm. Reading is the fuel that I need to survive! It gives me a greater sense of the big world around me from my cosy couch. I have made reading my best companion and a teacher. The happiness reading brings me is immense. I read books of all genres, and here is the take on the books from a book worm's view!

20 thoughts on “Is Ignorance Bliss?

  1. Like this. I would add that ignorance is also dangerous, if one hasn’t developed the sense of caution these older felines mentioned in our piece. On the issue of life, the mystic Sadhguru tells us that our life is here, within our own sphere of operation. If we continually look outside for elements that define our lives, we miss opportunities for optimum growth and development.

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    1. True, indeed it is true. I had tried to explore ignorance as bliss, although I am very much aware of the unfortunate fact, that it isn’t.
      I believe that it is our search for these ‘outside elements’ that result in our growth.
      I always love reading your philosophical comments, keep reading!


  2. Arnav, you are grappling with some very deep questions! I agree that ignorance can be bliss – until it results in uninformed actions that hurt us or other beings. We grow less ignorant, more wary, and slightly better prepared for the next thing that might harm us.

    Wonderfully, that loss of ignorance allows us to help and protect others. Even in the pain of ignorance lost, we can grow.

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    1. The irony of life! You have to lose your genuine sense of being to survive on these dangerous gounds…
      I had tried to explore a dimension of ignorace, that I know is unfortunately untrue.
      Thanks for your wonderful comment, Pat! By the way, when’s the next part of Spark coming out? I am excited for it 😀


  3. I can see the thinking process Arnav, but ignorance is seldom bliss, these days. We need to stay on top of many things that are going on and do what we can to protect ourselves and our families, which is likely what those cute kittens learned when the harsh realities of life collided with their innocence. Unfortunately man’s hunger for power and wealth can trample some other’s desire for a peaceful existence. What we think we knew, we no longer can be sure of. The best course of action these days seems to be to be kind and help others, but do not forget to take care of yourself. Stay well and keep pondering. Allan

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    1. Dear Allan, I find myself in a place that doesn’t allow me to see life at its face value, but makes me explore philosophical questions.
      We have exploited this wonderful planet so much, that peaceful existence is a thing of the past.
      Well, aren’t we just like those cats? However we wish, ignorance must be expelled.
      Thanks for reading!

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  4. Keen observations, my young philospher! The Bible’s book of Ecclesiastes echoes your sentiments with these words, “For in much wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.” [Ecclesiastes 1:18]. I have found one blessed exception to this rule, and that is the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. I can never have too much of this knowledge, for this knowledge always brings me both peace and joy.
    God bless! Keep reading and most importantly, keep thinking!

    Your friend,

    “For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” [2nd Corinthians 4:6]

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    1. As I call myself to be an atheist, the wonderful world of spiritualism is far beyond my reach.
      I try to find the divine face in nature, in birds, in trees and all the beautiful people around me.
      And hopefully, one day, I shall be successful.
      Quotes from holy books always fascinate me, keep reading!

      Your friend,
      Arnav 😀

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    1. Ah, your comment made me laugh. In a place where human rights aren’t well defined, who will care for animals? In a place where every 1 out 4 person is poor, do you think people would be inclined to help animals?
      I belong from a well to do household, and always try to do my bit.
      Probably, I shall make a change when I grow up 😀


  5. Fabulous exemplum on the nature of humanity, the quote at the end was absolutely profound and top-notch. I also wonder these things, but I fear we’re too far down the rabbit hole that we can only dig deeper and suffer more. Someone once saw the world debt and asked who we’re owing if we’re the only ones here. It was funny, but true. I understand economists would chime in and spew some theories and what not, and that just goes to show that we’ve lost the bliss.

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    1. Indeed, we have lost the bliss. I spent quite some time thinking for an impactful quote, and I am glad you liked it 🙂
      My conscience doesn’t allow me to believe that their is no hope for humanity. Probably, things shall get better…
      Thanks for your beautiful comment, Carter!

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