A Hundred Suns Have Passed

A hundred suns have set, 

A hundred moons have risen

What has gone with the wind, 

Ne’er comes back…

Once again, I have tried to write,

Strings of peace, solace in my heart.

Knots of grass, between my fingers,

A surreal rhythm in my soul.

Hey there, my worthy readers! I have missed blogging so much, but at the same time, I could not quite write anymore. Well, I hadn’t been completely useless at the same time. I had been making my own musical pieces on the guitar, and I had been performing online. 

Oh, I feel so bad that I had given up on WordPress entirely. I must have missed such lovely posts, but I will try to be back in the blogging spirit!

I will see you soon, with another post!

~ Arnav Gupta

Published by BookWorm

I am a 15-year-old bookworm. Reading is the fuel that I need to survive! It gives me a greater sense of the big world around me from my cosy couch. I have made reading my best companion and a teacher. The happiness reading brings me is immense. I read books of all genres, and here is the take on the books from a book worm's view!

30 thoughts on “A Hundred Suns Have Passed

  1. Sometime, the blogging spirit does escape us, especially those of us who are normal human beings. There are a few bloggers who post daily, not normal human beings. I’ve missed your regular offerings. Hope you’ll be back in stride soon.

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  2. Seeing you after long Arnav, school life can surely be hectic … but wow you started performing guitar, that’s great. Also if i remember correctly, Happy Birthday in advance!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Khushi, thanks a ton! I am rather surprised that you seem to remember my birthday! I really am.
      I so missed your beautiful poetry, and I won’t miss it this time.


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