Which Cinderella Do You Know?

Hello, fellow bookworms and bloggers! In my post about creative blocks, a dear friend of mine @oldandblessed gave me an awesome prompt.  Have you ever played the game of the Chinese Whispers? A message is passed along a long queue of people, but the final statement which the last person hears is far different fromContinue reading “Which Cinderella Do You Know?”

Luke Walker: Animal Stick Up For-Er ~ Book Review

“Why do they on’y care about some animals?” ~ Luke Walker Synopsis ‘Luke Walker: Animal Stick Up For-Er’ by ‘Violet Plum’ brings to light, the hypocritical world, where some animals are valued more than others. Luke Walker, an eight-year-old boy sets his mind to make a change. His rebellious and non-conformative behavior leads him toContinue reading “Luke Walker: Animal Stick Up For-Er ~ Book Review”

From the Earth to the Moon; and, Round the Moon

Welcome to yet another review by the BookWorm! Today we will be talking about the famous work of Jules Verne named “From the Earth to the Moon; and, Round the Moon”. This is my second Verne’s book in a row, and I find myself liking his way of narration, the rich way, his distinctive way!Continue reading “From the Earth to the Moon; and, Round the Moon”

Murder on The Orient Express

Greetings! Today I will be obliged to share with you the review of a book on BookWorm that really set my “little grey cells” as said by Hercule Poirot, working! The book’s name is “Murder on The Orient Express” by “Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie”. It is a book of great manner and charm with aContinue reading “Murder on The Orient Express”

The Star of Kazan ~ Book Review

Greetings everyone! Welcome to yet another book review on The Book Worm! Today be my audience, for I will be sharing my review for a book that I thought was fantastic! I will be reviewing The Star of Kazan by Eva Ibbotson. Synopsis Before reading this book I did not know about the beautiful cityContinue reading “The Star of Kazan ~ Book Review”

The Book Thief ~ Book Review

I really looked forward to reading this epic novel by Marcus Zusak. He has portrayed beauty in his every word. The narration of the story by ‘Death’, The streets of Nazi Germany, The various characters of people, the mind set of a girl who is a book thief.. All is so wonderfully depicted. The bookContinue reading “The Book Thief ~ Book Review”

Kane Chronicles – “The Red Pyramid”

Hey guys! Are you the people who are craving for a good read? Are you one of the mythological lovers? Well then this post is for you! So then let’s start. This year just before lockdown was announced in our country I happened to buy a series written by the famous mythological guy “Rick Riordan”.Continue reading “Kane Chronicles – “The Red Pyramid””

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