Review Policy


All reviews are based on my own opinion. Reviews will be free from bias and can have both positive and negative aspects of the book. I reserve my right to praise, criticize and rate the book.

Time taken to review books is dependent entirely on me. I reserve my right not to finish reading the book or reviewing it. Though it’s rare, if it happens I will communicate ‘why’ on the author’s personal window.

I accept multiple books for review at once. I don’t review individual books from a series, I review the series as a whole. This, of course, will increase my turn-around time.

All my reviews shall be published on my WordPress Site. I am open to book reviews on blog tours and promotional events.


I accept children’s books, middle grade and young adult, ONLY in physical format.

Format and Structure of my reviews

My reviews shall be in an unbiased way, in the following chronological format

  1. A quote from the book
  2. Introduction
  3. Cover Page image
  4. Synopsis
  5. Review
  6. Star rating, age group, and name of the author
  7. Link to the author’s site(if any)

How do I rate

  • 5 stars – An excellent read. I will surely re-read the book, and mark it on my ‘must-read page’
  • 4 stars – A fine read. I Will not re-read, but surely remember the story as a good one.
  • 3 stars – It is a good story, but there rests a scope for improvement.
  • 2 stars – Not recommended.
  • 1 star – Don’t know why I read the book in the first place!

How to Request a Review

Review requests can be made at the ‘Contact Page’. Make sure your message contains the following things:

  1. Name/s of the book/s
  2. The genre of the book/s
  3. Length of the book/s 

If I accept the review request, I will provide my mailing address to you. My turn around time is a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of two months. If for any reason, I need more time to review the book, the reason shall be specified to the author.

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