Stop, You Have Run Enough!

Melting over the horizon, Pale, yet radiant. What do I see, Is it the Earth or the Heaven!? Waves comfort, Over our sandy feet. Passing the energy of a thousand droplets, To me, to you, to us! Trees of palm filter the sun, Beautiful patterns on your face… This is your paradise, You deserve it.Continue reading “Stop, You Have Run Enough!”

The Truth: Can You Accept It?

Hey there fellow bookworms and bloggers. Last week I didn’t post anything as I fell ill. I was feeling much better today, so I thought to pop up in your reader! It was just yesterday that I had been talking about constructive criticism to a friend of mine. We both agreed to the point thatContinue reading “The Truth: Can You Accept It?”

Natural or Man-Made?

Recently, I was going through my Mozilla Firefox news feed when I came across this company trying to rejuvenate human cells, and ultimately trying to find a “cure” for aging. I was surprised! When I told my mother about it, she said it was not natural. Hm… What is natural? Humans are themselves part ofContinue reading “Natural or Man-Made?”

The Animal Was Not Where It Should Have Been

First of all, I would like to thank Pat Daily @feraldaughters for giving me this remarkable prompt to write upon. Do give his website a visit, let me tell you, he has got a thrilling sci-fi novel! I had been tossing and turning this line in my head for a few days, the animal wasContinue reading “The Animal Was Not Where It Should Have Been”

Sea Life Isn’t Ours To Ruin

Hey guys! In today’s post, I would like to share what I think about eating seafood, fishing, and farmed fish. All opinions are my own, and hence subjective. I am not forcing my views, and just voicing them out. Fish is widely consumed worldwide, fishing is promoted as a hobby, and you can find fishContinue reading “Sea Life Isn’t Ours To Ruin”

Turning Over A New Page!

Hello, fellow bookworms! I have been thinking about changing my site URL for a long time, and now I have done it! When I started blogging on WordPress, I was only just a bookworm, who wanted to read, write and review. But now over the course of a year, my ideologies have changed, what IContinue reading “Turning Over A New Page!”

A Question of Ethics

Hey guys! In this post, I will try to answer or rather speak my mind out on a question that popped into my mind. A question of ethics. “Aren’t humans animals, too? Well… Then all animals kill other animals for food! So why isn’t it justified if humans do it?” Okay… I have been ponderingContinue reading “A Question of Ethics”

Luke Walker: Animal Stick Up For-Er ~ Book Review

“Why do they on’y care about some animals?” ~ Luke Walker Synopsis ‘Luke Walker: Animal Stick Up For-Er’ by ‘Violet Plum’ brings to light, the hypocritical world, where some animals are valued more than others. Luke Walker, an eight-year-old boy sets his mind to make a change. His rebellious and non-conformative behavior leads him toContinue reading “Luke Walker: Animal Stick Up For-Er ~ Book Review”

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