Collab with Naomi @ TheSocieyToStopClimateChange

Hey fellow bookworms and bloggers! I have collaborated with Naomi @ TheSocieyToStopClimateChange She is an awesome blogger and an environmental activist, do check out her amazing blog. There is something there for everyone to learn! So here is my very first collab, I hope you will enjoy reading. Font-wise, Naomi’s part is in bold, andContinue reading “Collab with Naomi @ TheSocieyToStopClimateChange”

Luke Walker And The Secret Society of Animal Stick Up For-Ers ~ Book Review

“It’s not going to open now,” said Luke, “the train’s moving.” Synopsis Luke Walker and his secret society are ready to stick up for animals, even though if it means getting into trouble. This book of the Luke Walker series covers chapters 17 to 24 and takes the reader through the funny, and courageous adventuresContinue reading “Luke Walker And The Secret Society of Animal Stick Up For-Ers ~ Book Review”

Let The Dogs Out ~ Book Review

Synopsis Hugo is one in a million, one in a million who found a loving home and not a dreaded end. Born in a breeding facility, Hugo, along with his beagle brothers finds things confusing. Who are the two-legged creatures who snatch away poor pups from their mums?  Living in a breeding factory is notContinue reading “Let The Dogs Out ~ Book Review”

Luke Walker: Animal Stick Up For-Er ~ Book Review

“Why do they on’y care about some animals?” ~ Luke Walker Synopsis ‘Luke Walker: Animal Stick Up For-Er’ by ‘Violet Plum’ brings to light, the hypocritical world, where some animals are valued more than others. Luke Walker, an eight-year-old boy sets his mind to make a change. His rebellious and non-conformative behavior leads him toContinue reading “Luke Walker: Animal Stick Up For-Er ~ Book Review”

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