Two Souls Intwined

Guzzling from heaven’s doors, the notes of my guitar,

Entrance me in a web of Euphoria, close yet afar…

Sitting in the dark, when I get lost in solitude,

Pressing the strings of my heart,

Soft, they yet leave their mark…

It is but bliss to be with my guitar.

Shadows dance when I play,

Leaning back I wonder, whether.

I have sensed the divine.

My guitar and I are but two souls entwined,

For a day can’t pass without the company of my guitar!

It’s the greatest gift life has offered me, cherishing it each day,

Friends are few, yet I have found my gem, 

A piece of my soul, in carved wood…

~ Arnav Gupta

Published by BookWorm

I am a 15-year-old bookworm. Reading is the fuel that I need to survive! It gives me a greater sense of the big world around me from my cosy couch. I have made reading my best companion and a teacher. The happiness reading brings me is immense. I read books of all genres, and here is the take on the books from a book worm's view!

10 thoughts on “Two Souls Intwined

  1. This is really beautiful and so very intricate! How brilliantly you have portrayed the state of a musician’s mind entranced while making music! I am sure you are a great musician yourself!


  2. ” Friends are few, yet I have found my gem, 
    A piece of my soul, in carved wood… ”

    These are some very beautiful lines Arnav, could relate to it with the context of a keyboard but still the emotional attachment to music remains same…


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